106 GTi Type E


Purple Haze

Jamie Rodger has been a long standing customer that we would regard a friend here at Ecosse. His little Peugeot 106 might not be lairy or even a cover car but has all the right bits in the right places. In reality Jamie’s build is probably a realistic yet achievable goal if everyone spent and chose wisely.

This car started life as a Bobby basic 106 and it was his wish to style it out but as they say Rome wasn’t built in a day. The body kit was a new Type ‘E’ addition and it consisted of front, rear and arch extensions that were a design nod to the Porsche RS.

The bonnet adorns a Esquiss Spirit bulge has been smoothed in to create a sleek front end. Jamie and ourselves loved the clean lines and he made the great choice to keep the rear tailgate spoiler free.

The rear enjoyed a badge-less de clutter and a pop button mechanism to remove the standard Peugeot emblem. This we felt made this little car look phatt and low. Like any self respecting project car the interior was upgraded but Jamie kept his feet on the ground and got a quality standard 106 GTI interior that banished the bog standard effort. That wasn’t the only GTI goodie that found it’s way into this pocket sized pug. He decided to give the pocket its rocket by getting us to install a I.6 GTI engine conversion to prevent to style over substance.

The BMW Technoviolet purple doesn’t scream look at me, but you can’t help do it anyway.

Jamie’s genius moment to swap out his first set of wheels (come on it’s something the novice generally does) found him his forever wheels: 7.5×17″ RH Toplines sporting deep dished rims and colour coded centres. These last little changes finally brought this car to the finish. It’s lay sleeping in his lock up for the last 8 years but Jamie is looking forward to getting some 2023 outings since it’s been awakened by this show and an MOT.

It’s doesn’t have to be extreme, styling, power or spending to enjoy the modifying journey but the right results are are still achieved.