205 GTi-6 Antares

This is a story that was once told for Chris’s beloved 205 and he still loves it as attentively to this day. Some might say passionately, others may say obsessively but keeping this very old girl looking so well, has simply been down to the car being cared for and preserved to the best of his abilities.  Don’t be fooled, this isn’t this 205’s first rodeo as it has lived many lives. This car has morphed from red, to orange to its final stage in this very fantastic green. Although Chris had her sleeping in his garage for a good number of years this reunion for all of us especially Chris has meant more than just a car show.

When Chris Kelly decided he wanted to own a very special 205, he had been inspired by previous Ecosse creations, so he quickly made a bee line for Bo’ness. 

Making a 205 look fresh but still celebrating the classic 205 attributes was certainly a challenge we were willing to take.  Although the 205 is a retro cool 80’s classic, Chris desired a car that would bring the 205 kicking and screaming into 2004 without loosing its charm. Without sounding too assured this 205 is definitely the most pleasing car to seeing cutting around on these Scottish roads as it just epitomises all the style and desirability that a 205 can still deliver even with today’s outrageous automotive creations. 

Luckily, Chris has an open mind and wasn’t too shy for some experimentation, so a very unique car was born. 

Firstly stripping the car down for a full inside and out respray was what was on the cards and the colour of Kawasaki green topped with a blue pearl gave the shocking green a cooler and creamer tone.  While Chris fancied making alterations to the Ecosse Antares Kit, we set about finding the wheels that had to say modern but be chromed to the max.  Only stateside would do the trick so we spotted the Emo 215  7 x 17” and our risqué rims would set Chris’s 205 off perfectly.

The car is lovingly touched with little chrome detailing along with a whole host of clever additions that makes this car special.  The Ecosse Ghibly bonnet has been modified by giving it an open meshed grille really modernises the 205’s front end, and the chrome Lexus lights are a welcome update that doesn’t involve mutilating the original shape of the 205 light units.  Everything down to re trimming the dash and subtly re arranging its layout would only be appreciated by a true pug lover.  It’s not just one thing that makes a smart car but well thought out mods and attention to detail. The car has had a whole lot of time, love and money spent on it which has resulted in a 205 that shouts its arrival wherever it goes.  Luckily the GTI-6 engine conversion helps him to get where ever he wants to go, certainly faster than the original 205 1.4 XS lump that used to reside in this engine bay!

It was first appreciated at Max Power Live NEC 2004, where it had made its maiden journey since its first departure from Ecosse.  Chris was ecstatic with the trophy title of ‘Best French Car of Show’ considering there was a fair amount of hot French metal around it was a glorious moment for everyone involved.  Especially since the car wasn’t even finished!.

With the support of Fusion and Centurion who got involved to make sure Chris’s car sounded as impressive as it looked.

This car was always destined to be a memorable motor and was featured on a local Scottish magazine called ‘Fast & Modified’ s front cover back in 2005 and we’re sure you’ll agree looks just as fresh today.