206 Toxic II GTi 180

You know when there’s a great party and you’ve heard everyone you wanted to see will be there there, you’re invited but as you arrive everyone is leaving. That almost sums up some of the latter car built towards the end of the scene. All dressed up and nowhere to go.

Nick Carter commissioned this car as a homage to Inti Van Ritchie’s orange Toxic 206. Undoubtedly a hard act to follow, but Nick had dreamed of owning an Ecosse car and had only now managed to afford to start his own project.

The problem was, we at Ecosse never duplicated our projects, yes it would have been easier, yes maybe it would be less imaginative & faster to build the same thing over and over with only basic colour variations – but we never went for the easy option with our big projects.

We explored new looks with every customer and Nick’s car was no different with his TSW Holstens, Toxic front bumper and the stunning Liquid Gold Renault paint with grey detailing. He wanted to join the slammed on air bags revelation & latterly, got his interior done which included the Esquiss boom box & sounds to match but during this time Nick had new priorities which meant this cars time in his life was not going to suit his needs. It was at this stage the car went to another owner who failed to care for the up keep of Nick’s efforts.

Finally, fast forward a few years and the car came into ownership by Gordon Sinclair and it came back home from the Welsh Valleys to Scotland where is was created.

Gordon has had the car for over a year now, it was a childhood dream to have an Ecosse car & show it of as his own. although he’s a relatively new Ecosse car custodian he is endeavouring to give Nick’s dream car a chance to live on and get the care and love it deserves on his watch. Hopefully he will enjoy the full Ecosse team show experience at the Reunion.