206 Vision

Heavenly Vision

Starting life as a five door 206 might have been seen as a disadvantage compared to its three door brethren, but not for Jas’s humble ride.  Although his 206 was lucky to be adorned by the best optional extras from factory this 206 was destined to seek the best optional extra available to any Peugeot – an Ecosse make over.  

Always aware that Jas’s budget was critical his first thought was simply to add sparkle into his metallic gold which was going to be dressed with a virtual kit.  This seemed like a totally achievable and straight forward project, but of course the ideas and the arrival of the new vision bodykit began to make Jas re evaluate his plan.  The back doors were to be flushed, bonnet de badged along with little details that started to make this project go further. 

Finally a few days before the car was about to get a full hit with its sparkles, Jas came in to seek reassurance on his colour choice.  Even though colours had been previously discussed Jas witnessed the euro fruity colours that were rolling out Ecosse’s paint shop and seen first hand how drawn he was to the pastel hues.  After another few marathon talks with Tony and Diane a few chosen test cards were offered up.  On explaining a respray was a respray and whether it had sparkles or was a colour change was going to be roughly the same labour involved so, why not give the cat the canary, or even paint the car the same colour as one!

So finally, a colour was chosen and the decision to lavish the red pearl on the yellow was exactly the look Jas had wanted.  The car was starting to take shape with its Esquiss Cayman roof spoiler, vision kit, de-badged grille and flushed tailgate.  Jas really wanted the project to grow and it was not long before he felt his pre colour change wheels weren’t gonna cut the cheese with his new look.  So luckily he made a find of Boss XL300 chrome rims to compliment his new exterior.  Its gonna be a little more difficult to conclude this story as its evolving as we speak.  The new Ecosse air suspension has just been fitted and the interior has now became the object of his new modifying mission, along with another evolution of wheels and bodywork, so continue to enjoy the change as he keeps pushing the five door boundaries.  Hopefully proof to its isn’t always the case that its “ 3 door good,  5 door bad” syndrome.

As this story previously and rightly suggested it continued to evolve, not only did Jas opt for a suicide door kit that was really was trail blazing for its time, it was then resprayed to a gloss cream with metallic brown detailing.  To finally finish it off it got fully retrimmed with a brown bench like style seating.  Jas’s love of stretched tyres and wheels took the car to another level where he could embrace some VW scene touches that he always admired.  We are very proud that this modest 206 did so much to be different, without having to be the fastest. Jas still owns it to this day as it has sat patiently waiting to go out and meet its fellow show car stablemates. 

Its truly a reunion.