206cc Impact

This was Lisa’s story to building this all out 206cc that you see today.  It got put up for sale after Lisa’s mode of transport became less child friendly as she proceeded to grow her family.  It then went to Ireland where it never turned a wheel, or at least it certainly didn’t get much mileage done for ten years.   Lately it had a surprise appearance for sale and one of our customers sped off and bought it without hesitation. 

Since then, Ciaran Lawson has become a little bit of a collector of Ecosse artwork and has decided to do a raffle at the Reunion to make way for another surprise Ecosse acquisition.  Turns out you could be getting lucky this time if you invest in a £10 ticket!

The stereo typical question, what would you do with a million quid? Buy that Ferrari, get the big house in the country, and work if you want to. It seems a good plan if you get the chance to win it, and Lisa did, and became the youngest lotto winner in the u.k at the time. When being interviewed by a national newspaper on her scoop she was asked the age old question ‘what car she was going to buy?’. To everyone surprise a 206 cc was top of her wish list. If asked what car was first on your wish list with millions at your disposal the Peugeot 206 cc might be lagging behind some super cars. Not for this local lass, as she was obviously a hard core Peugeot lover that wanted her first car to be her Peugeot dream car. Good fortune allowed Lisa to buy a brand new Aegean blue 206 cc 1.6 16 valve from the local dealer. She had already started to sport the usual dealer accessories, but they didn’t really set the world on fire. This is where once again by pure chance it caught my eye in a Sunday paper, where Lisa spoke of her ambition to buy a 206 cc. A catalogue was sent through the post, so Lisa could be introduced to a new world of modifying pugs on her doorstep. A few months passed and Lisa turned up to discuss some ideas on doing a virtuel kit, but after entering Ecosse’s premises she saw photo of Kirsty’s 206 cc and fell in love immediately with the colour. Although the shading of Lisa’s car was different to Kirsty’s they both shared the paint code of House of Kolor – Hot Pink Pearl. We really wanted the cars to be very different looking from each other and this is when Lisa’s car developed into an Impact kit with Bi-metal, 18” deep dish, Tramont wheels. Although it would be fair to say Lisa did not know a lot about modifying cars, she knew what she liked and so proud of her Peugeot badges, she insisted they were put back on after the respray. She would come down and watch the parts of her car being sprayed up as her new blue car turned pretty pink. As the first stage of her car was completed she started to look around at other cars that were being built in the workshop and loved the interior retrims that were being carried out on Inti, Wes and Andy’s 206’s. Her desire to have a hot designer interior to match was carefully planned using Cobra Misano’s with Esquiss door cards with pockets (well, a girls gotta have a place to put her stuff) The modifying bug had bitten and the standard of this little car started to soar. So much so it became show worthy. Although Lisa did not start this project to exhibit her car, but she quite fancied to see what it was all about. Donny 2005 was her first car show and turned out to be a little more eventful than any of us could have imagined. To cut a very long, but yet incredible story short, Lisa met Brian who was invited to join the Ecosse customers for the weekend. A little unusual since he had a Vauxhall Astra but he just wanted some company on the drive down for our show weekend. I managed to give him a spare ticket as someone dropped out, so destiny had a hand even there. Its safe to say when they met at Ecosse it looked like they were going to get on, like a house on fire. So you’d think after Donny the car might be getting less attention. Usually being loved tends to slow the modifying down, as your dipping into you pocket for nights out, flowers and generally trying to impress, but no. Brian now was in tow with Lisa has she was having more ideas to finish her project. This had been brought on by seeing Inti’s boom box build. She made the decision to be the first in the u.k to have the CC Esquiss Boom Box that would finish her interior off. A self professed magpie she wanted it shiny and loud. Disappoint, we did not. So we fitted Audiobahn subs and amps to fulfil the bling criteria. Lisa and Brian started moved in together in between going to shows and quickly decided to get engaged 3 months after the Donny show. They found a house in the country and needed the pug to lift itself over the country roads with ease. Luckily the Ecosse Air Suspension was just released and Lisa’s history of splitter carnage ceased. They announced their in pending marriage in March 2006 for June 2007 so two years later we have the first Ecosse induced wedding on our hands. But this could only be followed by the next instalment of Lisa’s fast world as you will definitely not see her and Brian at Donny 2007. Not because there celebrating their two year anniversary but their first child is due on that date! Lisa is certainly no wallflower and her personality with or without money is memorable, so her journey in modifying has been bigger and more colourful than most. She’s been to most of the major shows this year including the Paris Tuning, Super GTI and front cover of Fast Car magazine August 2006. Its safe to say she has enjoyed her modified car to date, its been a true extension of her personality. Its been used the way it should be, driven daily, had unexpected but welcome media exposure, embracing the social scene and didn’t take it too seriously. Chance is funny thing and my granny used to say “Whits fir yae, Ill no go by yae” for those non Scottish readers it translates to “what is for you, will not go by you” Turns out lady luck is on Lisa’s side. Maybe she could put a good word in for the rest of us unlucky lottery players.