Not your average Garage.

We strive to prove to our customers that we aren’t simply your average garage. The large scope of work and services we are capable of under one roof generally sets us apart from many other garages, however, we also take pride in providing our customers and community with a more personal level of service when the need arises. Throughout the years this has ranged from delivering people to their workplace or helping extract stranded gritters during harsh snowstorms, donating & helping raise funds for many different charities, through to something as simple as helping a customer with a little errand you wouldn’t usually expect from a garage.

We constantly try to go above and beyond to help out whenever we can.

The little cutie pictured up there is called Daisie, Daisie was in desperate need of a welfare groom during lockdown, sadly her owners car was off the road and it was looking like she was going to miss her appointment. So, while the car was in with us getting fixed, we collected her from our customers house and delivered her to the groomers to make sure she got to her appointment on time.

Here’s a selection of pictures of some of the various bits and bobs we’ve been involved in over the years and also some of the vital services & fleets we keep on the road all year round.

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