Rab’s 505 V6 For Sale

As featured in one of our previous blogs, This 505 holds a special place in our hearts having been owned by our dear friend, fellow master-tech and Peugeot enthusiast Rab Elliot before his untimely passing and we would love for it to go to a very special owner.

After careful consideration by his wife Zoe, his pride and joy 505 is now up for sale. She feels she isn’t giving the car the chance to be appreciated at shows and meets like Rab loved to do and although the decision hasn’t been easy for her, the car is most definitely a classic and would be best to go to a new owner who is going to love its history and continue to look after it going forward.

The Peugeot 505 V6 has 170BHP and was the titan of the Peugeot range back in the day, this manual box luxury car was ahead of its time and the height of comfort and luxury for its breed. This is still a relatively low mileage car with only 86,308 Miles on the odometer so has many motoring memories still to make and is believed to be the sole remaining manual 505 V6 on the road in the UK today.

You may well have seen this before as it’s perhaps one of the most well known 505’s in the country, featuring in many Peugeot shows, having a stint as a display car for a Peugeot dealer and featured at the NEC classic car exhibition with Peugeot Sport Club.

This 505 was a car which Rab longed to own for many years as he actually carried out his first ever pre-delivery inspection as an apprentice for McDonald Motors on it way back in 1986 for its original owner, so when he got the opportunity to buy it and get it back to its former glory he snapped it up. Although at times it was definitely a labour of love with the restoration, he took great personal pleasure getting it to the condition it is currently in for his last project car.

Have a good look through the gallery & video below to see just how good condition this car is.

The car is offered for sale for £8250, Please don’t hesitate to contact us with any queries, questions or interest you may have in the car.

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