Sam Kerr’s 1985 UR Quattro

Let us briefly introduce you to a special Revival project we recently completed – Sam’s 1985 Audi Quattro. This restoration story starts many years ago and unfortunately through one thing or another it didn’t quite go to plan, luckily once we became involved in the project we managed to help it get to the finish and make the owners dream for his car a reality.

The thing about this particular project that makes it special was that all of the work we undertook on the car was arranged and completed as a surprise without Sam knowing it was even happening, thanks to a few close friends & his wife Isobel.

Norman is a close friend of Sam and was our point of contact throughout the process. Luckily he has also written a far more detailed blog post about the ups and downs of the project from its conception to its completion including the big reveal to its blissfully unaware owner.

Click the link and have a read of the full story of the Quattro’s tale here.

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