With the progression of technology in car care products, keeping your car clean has never been easier, many products will make your car appear clean with very little effort, however,  your cars paint can be affected by many different factors, from acidic fallout in the rain, bird droppings, tar from the road and micro scratches or swirls from years of washing to name a few. Over time these swirls and contaminates can make even the most shiny car look dull and hazy in sunlight.

Here is an example of how bad your paint can get over time, and how much better it can look once properly corrected.

Detailing is completely next level car care, think of valeting but 100 times more in depth, it could be described as a bit of an intense spa getaway for your car! 

Here at Ecosse, we have a dedicated detailing bay where we can offer many different levels of detailing from basic valets or minor polishes right through to a full correction detail to remove swirls / hazing and get your paintwork looking as good as new again, if not better.

The procedure is a little more involved than simply a bucket, sponge and some polish – a full correction detail would start with our specialist detailer carrying out an initial inspection of the vehicles paint with a gauge which measures the paint depth, using this we can tell if the car has had any paintwork in the past, how good the paint on the vehicle is and then how heavily we can polish it to remove scratches etc, from there he gets to work using a variety of only the finest products from a clay bar to remove contaminates, right through to a ceramic coating once the detailing is done to ensure the longevity of the finish. 

These pictures show a slightly extreme example but this 308 had been poorly washed throughout its life and its paint was particularly tired and very badly marked with lots of scratches & handprints etc. These before and after shots really show the improvement that a detail & paint correction can make.

This before & after bonnet picture shows that even a shiny, clean looking car can benefit from a good detail. On the left-hand side of the bonnet, you can see that although it is shiny and shows a good reflection, there is a haziness to the paint – you can really see the difference in the clarity of the reflection on the right-hand side of the bonnet which has had only light paint correction.

You’d be amazed at the difference a detailing session makes to the look of your car.

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