As the years tick by, a lot of the cars we desire or are nostalgic over are sadly becoming harder to find in a good, useable condition. Although restoration is something we’ve always offered throughout our many years of business, we’re finding that due to the relative lack of immaculate cars available these days, more people are wanting to restore their car to ensure it looks and drives exactly as it would’ve from the factory for many years to come.

Our Revival section can help restore your car to its former glory. We work daily with vehicles in varying states of repair for everything from light to full “concourse” restorations. 

We can work within your budget and requirements to strip, repair, paint and rebuild your car as needed. Some customers prefer us to make good the chassis and panels and re-fit the vehicle themselves.

A typical full restoration would involve the following steps:

  1. Strip vehicle.
  2. Identify replacement parts needed, prepare re-usable parts for refurbishment.
  3. Welding & preparation of chassis, body and panels as needed.
  4. Paint chassis, body and panels.
  5. Prepare engine, transmission and suspension components as needed.
  6. Refit interior, engine, transmission, suspension etc.
  7. Test and tune.

We have revived numerous vehicles from vintage to modern classics.

Please Call us on 01506 516 106 to discuss your requirements.