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Here is where you’ll find our blog posts, this is our new way of sharing a more detailed insight of projects both old and new with you, along with other interesting bits and pieces.

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Oslo Blue GT2

This 2001 Porsche 996 GT2 has been reborn once again, after living through a very colourful history that has brought it to the condition you see before you today. Matt Collins, the current owner, became so by the way of a casual conversation at a local Porsche club meeting which lead him to the previousContinue reading “Oslo Blue GT2”

Rab’s 505 V6 For Sale

As featured in one of our previous blogs, This 505 holds a special place in our hearts having been owned by our dear friend, fellow master-tech and Peugeot enthusiast Rab Elliot before his untimely passing and we would love for it to go to a very special owner. After careful consideration by his wife Zoe,Continue reading “Rab’s 505 V6 For Sale”


We’re excited to announce that we’ve teamed up with Gyeon and are now an authorised reseller of their products. Since the very beginning of their story, Gyeon’s mission has always been to implement new solutions to inspire the car care market and define its future. This is why they develop, formulate and manufacture almost everyContinue reading “Gyeon”


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