Alan’s 1937 Ford Model Y

Alan is a regular customer of ours as we look after all his cars, from his daily driver or his weekend toy to his ‘high days and holidays’ car. This Ford is certainly a bit different to the projects we usually have in through our doors and there certainly aren’t many vehicles on the road these days which require a starting handle like this did.

Many years ago when Alan first passed his driving test he purchased a Model Y very similar to this one for his first car – after hearing the story behind why he went to the trouble of sourcing one of these particular models we were thrilled to get the opportunity to give it a slight revival for him. Along with the bodywork repairs & respray, we added some more modern electronics for the lights/battery etc and also converted it to an electric start to save Alan the effort of cranking it manually.

This is without a doubt the oldest car we’ve ever had the pleasure of working on. It is so great to see it looking so fresh and even better than it did way back in 1937 when it was produced.

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