A Reputation to be proud of

Ecosse Automotive is the evolution of our company. Through years of hard work and dedication to being the best for all things Peugeot, the Ecosse name became synonymous with building some of the best Peugeots in the world and us having an excellent eye for detail. Building Ecosse has been more of a life journey than a business venture. Some very special and key people have shaped and driven Ecosse’s place in modified car history.

Although we became known for our world class Peugeot builds, which lead to over 70 cover cars and countless feature cars worldwide, we have always been quietly servicing and repairing daily runners that don’t make media news, but are just as important. Taxis, driving schools, fleet & lease cars who cannot afford to have their vehicles off the road require the problem to be fixed fast and at the right cost, this is especially vital to cars that earn a living. 

While the car scene has changed massively over the years we have been modifying what we offer to meet a new generation of car enthusiasts. Our evolution means that we offer the same passion and attention to detail we’ve always had to all makes and models. As a team we have ensured our skills have evolved, using our past experience to make our present and future relevant in an ever changing automotive world.

Our purpose built complex houses everything under one roof & provides our customers with a complete in-house service that people travel far and wide to receive. We have multiple workshop bays, a specialist paint shop, full prep shop area and a dedicated detailing bay. What excites us is to deliver the best of service with quality parts and to posses the knowledge that we can restore your pride and joy with a bare metal respray or carry out a simple service with the care and consideration we have for every job we undertake. Our skill set touches many disciplines, spray painting, welding, panel preparation, diagnostics, mechanical repair & track preparation. In short, we are your one stop shop whether you’re running a standard car or highly modified vehicle, it’s rare to combine all these services under one roof. 

We know that building a trusted relationship with a garage is sometimes not as easy as it could be, but our customer retention is high and our aim is to give clarity on whats happening with your car, with the best options you can take to give you the optimum results.

We are all on different journeys and if we can get you to where you want to go then we would be happy to have shared the same road as you.

Put simply, we’re not your average garage.

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From Humble Beginnings

We’ve created a bit of an Ecosse history lesson so you can see just how far we’ve come and how we came to be as well regarded over the years, click the photo below to take you to our story from the very beginning.