Meet the Team

We are a small team of talented individuals with a wide range of skills and experience. We love what we do, we do it with passion and are all car enthusiasts ourselves.


Director / Marketing / Sales

Founding Ecosse back in the 90’s is now a lifetime ago, yes, yes we are all getting on now!  It was essentially an idea borne from the desire to have an enthusiastic specialist garage that could provide a one stop shop for the discerning customer that loves to modify.  Modifying has changed, but customisation is about the individual, that is certainly here to stay!  It’s been an awesome journey with Diane getting to use her artistic and technical flair on making concepts into reality.  She still loves cars, although they more Porsche based for the driving these days and enjoys a track day when the fancy takes her.  She’s still very proud of her achievements to break into the man motor trade for the ‘wo-man power’ struggle and managing to trade in these challenging times with her top team.

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Director / Master Technician

Being the co-founder does make him quite important in this Ecosse journey but it’s his mechanical and electrical knowledge that has created some historic cover cars through the years. Behind the scenes Matt has built a reputation for his problem solving, rally and race preparation skills along with being involved with the racing scene whether its autograss, 4×4, track or competitive racing.  Having the passion for all types of vehicles is a positive but negatively it means Matt is often accused of having a car hoarding problem!

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After escaping a Peugeot dealership where he was time served working in a busy parts department, Greg has an unhealthy memory for parts numbers.  He still astounds us with his ability to recite retro throwback part numbers while sourcing parts for our revival jobs.  Slowly, though, his part number prowess is being over written with new part numbers and they aren’t Peugeot.  He’s been here 16 years & counting and still manages to drink at least a lorry load of tea in a week.

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Reception & Accounts

This numbers whizz finds nothing more satisfying than to reconcile accounts.  She has been here over 10 years and did her qualifications through Ecosse when she was a young lass.  One thing that has never changed is her die hard love for Liverpool FC but now Rangers seems to have someone there that is partially stealing her attention.  Something to do with a manager?

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His unhealthy interest in Jap cars is fuelled by his own ownership of a couple of Type R’s. He has built a solid background that covers all makes and models but excelled in dealerships such as Mazda, BMW, Honda and a tuning specialist. A Constant upbeat optimist in the workshop, never a problem only a challenge!

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General Dogsbody

Can usually be found lazing about the office, he may sometimes appear a little barky and grumpy at first but we can assure you he is a total softie once he’s had some attention directed towards him.

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