For years we built our world class reputation by creating some of the best modified Peugeots in the world, today we work with Ecosse Bodyshop to maintain our high standard of fit and finish to every single car we get through the doors regardless of make, model or work required. 

They have pushed to incorporate the best painting technology with highly skilled painters. Since they only use the best prep & paint products they have extensive expertise in specialist paint systems. Ecosse Bodyshop even have the option of using a full water based paint mixing scheme to conform to environmental improvements wherever possible.

Although many bodyshops will offer specialist paints, very few know how to apply them properly. To get the effect and finish our customers expect from the product takes skilled application which we can guarantee every time. Their comprehensive experience in producing many award winning show cars, naturally sets every day standards higher than others.

The team at Ecosse Bodyshop’s knowledge on welding, restoration, crash repairs or just removing a light scratch caters to every level of bodyshop requirement.


If you’ve had an accident, most people feel it’s up to the insurance company to decide where you take your car for repair… It’s not.

Insurance companies are not motivated by getting the best bodyshop, but the cheapest. If you have been hit by someone who has admitted liability you have the right to choose your preferred repairer, not your insurance companies. 

We can provide a courtesy car for non-fault claims, and can help you to negotiate with the insurance company if you have agreed value policies or want to buy back your car after an accident. If your car was going to a mainstream insurance company repairer, the right you have to save the car, and offering different options may not be considered, but we ensure we consider and discuss all available options to help you through the process from start to finish.

Whatever the model and whether your car is standard or modified, we can make sure your car is repaired and returned to you without fuss. 

Just email or phone us. We can even organise a nationwide collection through the insurance claim, so you pay nothing if it’s a non-fault claim.

Please call us on 01506 516 106 to discuss your requirements or stop by to get a free quote.