Joe’s Peugeot 205 1.9 GTi.

This little 205 had been in a very sorry state, left languishing for years outside his family home before Joe made the decision to bring it back from the brink to make it roadworthy again.

Although it was a restoration that constantly presented challenges, whether that was sourcing parts or having to fight the dreaded rust, we are especially proud of how the completed car turned out – it’s fair to say there won’t be many 205’s with this level of finish these days.

The world of modern classics has been surprising in recent times for the sharp uptake in values, but this project was solely for Joe’s pleasure of knowing he’s got a good car for many years to come. The project blossomed massively during its time here, initially it came to us with the view to simply making it MOT worthy. However, after a pivotal visit to a Peugeot Festival at Prescott Hill, Joe decided to set the standard high, do this only once and do it right which led to every part being refurbished or renewed.

The time and effort into bringing these cars up to scratch now can only happen with the patience and devotion owners show with being committed to seeing it through. Restoration isn’t an easy or particularly fast option, but the rewards are pretty amazing if done right. It really makes these full-on revival projects a labour of love for everyone involved.

Hopefully you enjoy looking through the rather extensive gallery and seeing just how much work was put into this particular car and what you should expect to end up with from a full revival project with us.

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