Rab Elliot’s Peugeot 505 V6

Any Peugeot 505 is a very rare car these days, but the fact that this is the only one of this type still on the road in the UK shows just how special this one is.

This particular 505 V6 was owned by one of our dearest and most beloved friends Rab. He was one of the best Peugeot master technicians we ever knew and as such he’s made sure this car is in absolutely great condition. You may well have seen this before as it’s perhaps one of the most well known 505’s in the country, featuring in many Peugeot shows & it even had a stint as a display car for a Peugeot dealer

Rab actually carried out the pre-delivery inspection on this very car way back in 1986 for its original owner which is why when he got the opportunity to buy it and get it back to its former glory he snapped it up and started a sympathetic part restoration. The interior hasn’t been redone and yet is still very presentable – a testament to how well the former owner looked after the car over the years.

We have quite an extensive gallery of this car as it will shortly be available for sale, please contact us for more pictures, with any interest or enquiries you may have.

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  1. It was a pleasure to drive this car, following Rab on his final journey, with Zoe beside me. I knew him as a workmate, but also as a true friend, who is still much missed. #RIP RAB

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